Thursday, October 20, 2016

from nothing to everything

What is nothing? why always we think lack of something as existence of nothing.?
actually nothingness always is the ultimate source of everything.
without nothing there is no chance of existence of anything. Nothingness brings the sense of everything.
In the nothingness prevails the all potentiality of everything.
when dive into nothingness one can dive into oneness. The ultimate source of everything.Which is omnipresent consciousness. Consciousness itself prevails in the nothingness.when there is nothing there is consciousness
everything is illusion and there is only truth which is hide itself into nothingness.

Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Where is reality ?

The only thing you need to do is to stop believing in that which is false. When you discard all that is untrue within you, only the truth will remain.

So, what is true?

Begin by questioning every thought, every opinion, and every belief you have and hold dear. Stop holding onto that which isn't rightfully yours.

Realize that you are not what you think.

Thoughts and opinions appear to you, but you are not them. You owe them nothing. Let them go. Without your continued attention and invested belief, all thought-objects
will dissolve... just like a cloud dissipating in the otherwise clear sky.

Whatever appears to you, is not you—this includes every concept that you’ve unknowingly attached your self identity and happiness onto.

Why limit yourself inside such a limiting shell of pre-conceived, false ideas?

Put some distance between what you observe, and what you believe. Rest peacefully in pure awareness, without reacting to whatever happens to appear.

In not reacting to what appears within mind, you uncover a silent and open space where reality can appear peacefully, undisturbed by the anxious, moody and conditioned mind.

Reset yourself. Reformat your internal operating system. Erase your prior formatting.

Realign yourself with the awareness that's always observing whatever seems to happen within the mind, while never forgetting that you are not the mind itself.

You are not what you observe.

Underneath all of the notions you've become attached to, You, Awareness, are blissfully empty—free of false limitations.

Abandon the false and abide only in the pure awareness of undistracted consciousness.

Awaken to the presence of your natural infinite Self.

Become unbound.

Consciousness vs. mind

Always wondering where is our  mind ? Where to find it? Who are we? from where we came?
actually this basic questions are come from our instinct .Our source. That is consciousness. That is actually who we are.Mind is nothing but a creation of our consciousness. This mind separetes us from one another . It creates projection about who we are! Basically there is no existance of mind without consciousness.

Only there is ever present one and only consiousness prevails.Everything is dwelling in it. I,we,you we are never seperate .We are all the same dweling in the ever present consiousness. The reality is only is a temporary projection of our mind . When the mind is gone there is no reality,no fake,no drama, nothing. Then there only remains the consiousness. From which everything comes,everything dwells on and finally everything will be diminish in it.
return to the source as we can say it