Tuesday, October 18, 2016

Consciousness vs. mind

Always wondering where is our  mind ? Where to find it? Who are we? from where we came?
actually this basic questions are come from our instinct .Our source. That is consciousness. That is actually who we are.Mind is nothing but a creation of our consciousness. This mind separetes us from one another . It creates projection about who we are! Basically there is no existance of mind without consciousness.

Only there is ever present one and only consiousness prevails.Everything is dwelling in it. I,we,you we are never seperate .We are all the same dweling in the ever present consiousness. The reality is only is a temporary projection of our mind . When the mind is gone there is no reality,no fake,no drama, nothing. Then there only remains the consiousness. From which everything comes,everything dwells on and finally everything will be diminish in it.
return to the source as we can say it